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How to Build a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse?

Clubhouses have been high in demand from the time of pandemic. Users are debating on the Clubhouse features, usage, benefits, etc. 

Clubhouse launched in April 2020, in 1 .5 years it has ranked among Unicorn startups. Its capitalization outshine $1 billion, which deserves a round of applause and even respect.

Nowadays, users are looking for new things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, but they want something new which includes creativity, privacy, and should get more engagements and knowledgeable applications.

And almost 4.6 billion internet users, with 92% of mobile gadget users got the application named ”Clubhouse” which is completely Audio-based. 

Are you interested in developing a Audio chat app like clubhouse? Then you are at the right place. 

In this blog, we’ll give you detailed information about the Clubhouse app, Features of the Clubhouse app, Process for developing the Clubhouse app and the Cost to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse.

What is the Clubhouse App?

clubhouse app

Clubhouse is a social networking voice-based chat application. Here users interact with each other differently, once the user completes the sign-up process they can join any of the “clubhouse rooms”.  

This is an audio-based networking platform. Users can only communicate and listen to the experts. There are various kinds of rooms available like Marketing, Business, Stock, Fashion, Languages and much more.  In one room nearly 5000 users can communicate in the room.

How Many People Use Clubhouse?

  • Clubhouse currently has 10 million weekly active users, this picked up from 600,000 in 2024. 
  • The current value of Clubhouse is $1 billion. 
  • With crossing $1 billion, Clubhouse is now a Unicorn startup.
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Clubhouse Growth in Short Time:

  • The platform has 2 million users in January 2021. 
  • In other words, clubhouse has increased its user base by 5x in January. 

Let us see the Breakdown of Clubhouse Growth:

Breakdown of Clubhouse Growth

Exclusive Features of a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse:

The clubhouse app has ranked 4.9/5 in Android and 4.8/5 in iOS within one year of its launch in the market. Its creative and engaging features made the clubhouse app popular in the global market. 

It’s a universal fact that users will look for the features and functionalities first. This would be the first step towards success. What are you waiting for! Don’t think much just look below there are few extraordinary features which might help you to integrate your application.

Features of a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse

1. Sign Up

The sign-up process is simple like any other social media platforms. You can sign up with your email id or through any social media channels. To enter your photo and your bio is mandatory for entering in any room. The host will allow you to speak if you have your own photo and the complete bio. In Clubhouse, there is one feature which keeps the new user on mute, users can unmute themself with the permission of the room admin.

2. Chat Rooms

You can make your own conversation room and you can also join others’ rooms for productive and insightful conversation. To start your own room you need to click on “Start a Room” on the screen’s base part. Speakers can raise their hand if they want to speak. 

Speakers can declare leaving or they can press on” Leave Button” when they want to leave. Speaker can also invite others to join in the discussion room.

3. Interests:

Clubhouse is the hub of thousands of users. There are some rooms whose conversations continue for more than 24 hours. There are various interesting and loyal rooms for specific topics.

Search is the mandatory feature for every social media platform. In the voice chat app like clubhouse users can search for the ongoing topics and users can follow any room from the search bar.

5. Clubhouse Hallway:

This will help the users to know how many active rooms are there with the ongoing conversation and participate. As the app got developed they added the feature from where the user can also see members of the chat room. 

This feature is named “Hallway” as it keeps users interested and follows the rooms on top 10 of the list. Added to this Hallway feature also allows you to invite your friends to the clubhouse and can also manage profiles with ease.

6. Upcoming Features for You:

This feature gives the section of upcoming discussion. It displays a schedule of events, with names, speakers, start time and with 60 words description of topics.

7. Push Notifications:

Every social media channel has push notifications for increasing user engagement. Notification informs the user regarding the upcoming or scheduled event like when an individual will benefit from the application.

8. Clubhouse Activity:

Here all the activities are tracked and stored. Clubhouse users can view their connections, activity or accounts they follow. Users can also know about the recent ongoing activity, and can see information of a new user of the clubhouse.

Voice chat app development like Clubhouse CTA

Steps to Develop a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse? 

Now let us see the process to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse.

1. Market Research:

If you are looking to develop a unique and useful app like Clubhouse you need to do in-depth research. You need to completely study your targeted audience’s demands. Research on your competitors’ activities and their way of marketing. 

With the complete study research, you can analyze market tactics that have caused your competitors’ success and you can change that according to your market strategy.

2. Develop User-Friendly App:

Users want something new. Social media channels are currently crowded with the same kinds of features. So it’s important to bring something new, unique and creative that attracts your audiences. You can’t decide what your audience is looking for. 

Your customers are at the place of god. So serve your customers according to their requirements.

3. Hire a Team for App Development:

Hiring a potential team for your app development is the next-level task. The starting of app development stage will integrate business assessment, will create technical specifications, also making cost estimation and planning a project.

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Diving into the voice chat application development is not easy, make sure that your team has fixed the app layout, features and the functionality of the application. Then comes the deadline of the project. 

4. Select the Revenue Model:

If you know what your targeted audience is looking for, you can predict why they will pay you. We’ve mentioned 3 revenue models to select from:

  • Free: Users can use the free version of your application. Then if they want they can pay.
  • Premium: In this revenue model users can pay one time to access your application.
  • Advertising: You can choose any of the advertising options:
  1. CPA (Cost per Action): You can charge the advertiser from just finishing your target action.
  2. CPM (Cost per Mille): You can charge the advertiser for each 1000 ad impressions in your application from CPM.
  3. CPC (Cost per Click): You can charge for each click from the advertiser.

What is the Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse?

The development cost of a voice chat app like clubhouse on Android or iOS with the basic feature will cost around $20,000 to $40,000. This is only estimated time as there are many factors that are calculated before developing the voice chat app like clubhouse. 

Some businesses prefer to develop an app on both Android and iOS then in such a situation the cost can be differ. 

Beyond the Checklist

Clubhouse is a voice chat app & it’s gaining a tremendous image in the industry. Already there are millions of users. People are so crazy about clubhouse as it gives immense knowledge, fun activities and much more interesting topics. 

However, just developing the basic app will not be successful. To make a successful app you need to add advanced features that can attract your users. You need to follow modern tech to create a modern app. And you need to hire an expert in mobile app development who can create the best voice chat app like clubhouse.

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