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Beacons using Indoor Navigation System

indoor navigation using beacon

GPS changed the way we think about moving. Now GPS available in all smartphone, the user can easily move from one place to another. GPS does in outdoor navigation, it does little for users indoor in smaller space. So, a company mainly focus on indoor navigation.

An Indoor Positioning System (IPS) it is like a GPS for an indoor environment. It is the system that used to locate objects or people inside a building using lights, radio waves, magnetic fields, acoustic signals, or other sensory information collected by mobile devices.

In fact, analysts expect the global Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) market to grow at a CAGR of 58.90% from 2017 to 2021.

Indoor positioning system played a major role in the daily life of people since the 90’s. Today almost everyone has a smart device with positioning capabilities like a smartphone, tablet, GPS tracking device or a watch with GPS functionality.

Indoor positioning system useful to the users, hospitals, malls, it’s provided the navigation aid, give just time information via audio for tours, offer video or augmented reality experiences and connect people of interest in proximity to one another.

Also, with more users able to find the desired location there could be an opportunity for increased sales and more interactions, For EX – A doctor can find their next patient in a snap without having to think twice.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all exploring the use of indoor positioning. Google has its own Android positioning system based on Wi-Fi (ABP coverage).

Microsoft uses Wi-Fi for indoor positioning and apple acquired WIFI slam to get into the Indoor location game.

There are several ways to use indoor navigation we can use tools like OR and NFC but every time a user has to scan the code so it’s a quite lengthy process. Wi-Fi-based indoor navigation comes with a large price tag. On the other hand, Beacon navigation is affordable for more info click here BLE.

Using Bluetooth Beacon with a facility of locating service that allows anyone on your team to find the assets they need within the premises, on web and mobile, easy and fast.


Indoor navigation with Beacon (the most common types are the iBeacon and Eddystone) offer a conclusive advantage for a project which is subject to high accuracy and want to include Apple devices. Beacons are common transmitters in client-based methods. For example, they enable indoor navigation for airline passengers using the app – cross-platform and with an accuracy of up to 1 meter. The server-based beacon tracking of people or goods is only possible with third-party components (e.g. in soft Locator Node, Cisco, Aruba).


Beacon provides a sensor data. Which includes the sensor capability in order to allow the detection of movement, temperature humidity, air pressure, light, and magnetism. This all makes suitable for application in the field of home and office automation, healthcare, retail, and industry.

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