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7 Reasons to Invest in Enterprise Mobility Solutions

7 reasons to invest in enterprise mobility solutions

Mobile application industry was valued at USD 65.06 billion in 2019. It’s expected to be increasing by 22.9% by 2020 to 2027. It proves that there is no slow down in the mobile industry growth. Everyday more and more companies are joining this bandwagon and making their industry streamline with developing an Enterprise solution for themselves.

Enterprise solutions let users and employees to connect with their management in real time and get all the issues addressed and solved at any point of time. With enterprise applications for organization employees don’t need to be at the office, they can use it from anywhere and get the work done.

Here are some facts about the Enterprise Industry which you should be knowing before going more into deep about Enterprise Mobility Solutions.
  • Enterprise mobility expected growth by 2021 – $450 Billion USD
  • Nearly 50% of the industry who are using enterprise solutions have seen the growth in internal communication and team work using this solution.
  • Enterprise solution helps to save 5% of your daily time and help you to increase your productivity
  • Almost 35% of the employee uses Enterprise applications to get more efficiency.
  • With enterprise solutions employees can work after 9-to-5 as well.

Reasons Why You Need Enterprise Application:

  1. Real time data sharing
  2. Effective communication
  3. Better customer service
  4. Higher productivity
  5. Optimized field service
  6. Improved employee involvement
  7. Return on investment
1. Real-Time Data Sharing:

Staff members generally work on the offline records and files. Enterprise will help for the same and replace this with cloud technology. With a mobile reporting system it will allow employees to report faster on the projects they are working on. Enterprise Mobile applications will help to review the analytics and make the faster decisions with the reports generated by app.

2. Effective Communication:

With enterprise applications replacing the old methodology of sitting at the desk and replying to the emails because sometimes people are out there on the field or anywhere else and they might not be able to reply immediately.

Enterprise applications will be residing on the employee’s phone only and they will be able to chat right away within the team with this solution rather than discussing it via email.

3. Better Customer Service:

Customer Service is a key feature for any of the organization. Customer’s loyalty will be there only if you give them the best customer service experience. Mobile Apps are a great way of connecting with your customers and employees anytime, anywhere.

4. Higher Productivity:

Enterprise application helps to track down the work which employee is working on. For example: Calendar tool allows us to see if the employee is working today or on leave. There are push notifications to remind employees to complete the task assigned to them as well as meeting reminders and organizer to track when they are having the meeting for any project. These all tools will definitely help to increase the productivity of employees.

5. Optimized Field Service:

With Enterprise application having features for the field workers which can help them to capture the equipment information, receive new work orders, execute the work orders, share the GPS location, create and send a notification, pictures and make comments in real-time for predictive maintenance to avoid any potential equipment breakdown which negatively impacts.

6. Improved Employee Involvement:

With enterprise application management an employee can come on the same platform and get the real time feedback from their employee. Employees also can share relevant information, make an announcement, and employees don’t have to visit the management office personally.

7. Return on Investment:

With having enterprise applications for your employees you can definitely see that work is happening seamlessly, effectively and everything is safe, employee productivity increased, enhanced customer service & many more. This eventually boosts the ROI.

OneClick IT Consultancy is a leading enterprise mobility company and carries nearly a decade of experience. Once you have the Enterprise application for your organization, we can assure you that it will become inseparable from your organization.

So if you are an Enterprise and looking for your mobile application to be developed, submit your inquiry and let’s discuss that in detail.

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