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4 key benefits of Beacons to Businesses


Beacons, the bookish definition is “an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location”. They match the expectation in the advertising world for all the companies due to their inherent characteristics. Fortune 500 companies are either investing or utilizing the services of the technology as an effective marketing tool for marketing for a specific location.

Two most famous Beacon technologies are ibeacon (Promoted by Apple Inc), whereas lately introduced is Eddystone Beacon (Powered by Google Inc), they have introduced the technology and they are continuously enhancing the features to create substantial difference in the market and all the industries are coming up with various use cases using the Beacons.


4 Key benefits of the Beacons to Businesses:

1) Customer Reach & Visibility – Today’s hyperconnected customers needs to be targetted via every channel of interaction. Considering the every changing behaviors and in-store behaviors of the customers, marketers need to exactly configure a campaign for the clients and as they pass by the store, they should trigger a product liking and drives/increases customer instore behavior with attractive offers. Hence, customers passing by the stores would be pushed a notification to increase reach and visibility of store.

2) It’s affordable and consumes less power – Beacons uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology and hence uses very less consumption and works (keeps publishing) with a small CR2032 battery for almost a year. These beacons are inexpensive ranging from $5-$50 depending on the company and the features provided. The energy utilization for the mobile apps is very less compared to conventional Bluetooth

3) Collecting Meaningful data of customers – When it comes to assessing consumer behavior, online stores have had a notable advantage over brick and mortar stores due to their ability to utilize web and mobile analytics. Now thankfully, with beacons, retailers can better assess the behaviors of their consumers within their physical stores. Beacon technologies can enable a retail chain to set parameters for analyzing consumer behavior and create a data inventory.

4) Customer retention – With mobile shopping and consumer mobile device usage continues to grow, beacons can act as the useful bridge between the physical and digital retail space. Due to the fact that beacons work via mobile apps, there is fantastic potential for applications to increase their user engagement and retention rates. By leveraging the technology of beacons, apps can establish themselves as a pivotal tool for shoppers.

Currently, if anybody talks about innovation in advertising or marketing using Technology, Beacon/proximity marketing takes the prime place due to the key parameters mentioned above. Our organization OneClick have been doing R&D and have also developed a lot of products and provided development services for our clients for creating various use cases of Beacons. We would be more than glad to assist you in developing your products –

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