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Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing makes use of non-digital channels to reach customers. It usually includes all forms of tangible and physical marketing (business cards, posters, billboards, etc.), word of mouth, radio commercials, and more.Traditional-Marketing

Digital marketing continues to advance in terms of technology which includes social media, YouTube videos, banner ads. Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing but using a digital device.

Many years back, the fundamentals of marketing in the way in which we sell products rely upon – 4P’s and they are a product, price, place, and promotion. Where we found ads in the magazines/ newspapers/billboards, Door-to-door salesmen made their way around our neighborhoods. Whereas television and other such media ads cost a lot.
Digital marketing through the internet is quite affordable, able to give quick result and view everything from a number of visitors.

Digital Marketing

Advantages vs Disadvantages:

Most of the time traditional marketing is reaching only to a local audience and the result is not easily measured. Also, its cost compared to digital marketing and a most important component is missing – “Interaction with the target audience“. E.g. Real-time response on Social Media marketing campaigns, whereas Ad’s on the paper have no metrics to prove lead generation.

In traditional marketing your target audience have to keep hard copies of advertising material like the magazine, it’s difficult to measure ROI [Return On Investment]

Digital marketing through social media post where people can easily understand the content, it helps to explore the new market, where you get instant publicity – when you post something on YouTube, Facebook, etc you can get the result instantly through the comment or like. Also, ROI is most easy to measure.

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