Top marketing and sales initiatives using Chatbot

Top marketing and sales initiatives using chatbot

“80% of businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation by 2020”. (Outgrow, 2018). Are you ready for the rumble of Chabot’s as a Consumer and as an Entrepreneur?

Chatbots have revolutionized customer experience and have taken precedence in developing cognitive marketing in recent times. Cognitive Strategies can drive multi-fold clients and prospects into your sales funnel, thanks to Artificial intelligence used in chatbots. Here are top marketing and Sales initiatives for offering personalized Customer experience for increased adoption.

  • Loyalty program
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Service
  • Scheduling appointments

Loyalty program for retaining customers

Consumer loyalty and consumer delight are directly proportional, a Consumer loyalty program with personalized customer experience, easy to redeem loyalty program procedure, leads to higher retention of consumers. A few key examples are stated below.

  • Incentivizing clients on repeat purchases by requesting to share information back to the company.
  • Incentivizing on sharing products to friends and family. Instant gratification.
  • Gamification to motivate participation.
  • Solicit customer feedback and share on Social Media.


Chatbots enhances and facilitates the lifecycle of Loyalty programs of Businesses.

Lead Generation

Chatbots are instrumental in lead generation, AI or Rule-based chatbots are developed to identify potential customers, the chatbots can identify the interest of customers, geographies and share pertinent information to customers for a delighted first impression. A few examples are shared below:

  • Chatbots leads to conversations with consumers and gives an overwhelming experience to the customer in real-time. Delighted Potential customer is already half converted.
  • Chatbots are always in good mood J, they are trained to be funny and make a delightful and joyous customer experience.
  • Chatbot facilitates to differentiate Businesses from others and creates a clear differentiation of the company’s products and services. Sets the expectation right.


A chatbot is the most economical way of generating quality convertible leads.

Customer Service

AI and rule-based chatbots are trained for handling customer services and ensure customers and satisfied and delighted after the interaction. A few key customer service attributes are handled seamlessly by chatbots.

  • Live chat and available at customer ease.
  • Endless queries can be answered by chatbot for endless time.
  • Repeated tasks are gently taken care of by chatbot e.g informing about general/common procedure of set up or products to clients.
  • The smoother customer journey to understand and clarify doubts, instead of going through the entire website.
  • Brand recognition by personalized greetings and goodbyes facilitates delighted customers.


Customer support chatbots are boons for the managing operational efficiencies and giving almost 100$ efficiency.

Scheduling Appointments

The traditional world has defined hours for scheduling and booking appointments, New age AI and Rule-based engines give comfort to Consumers for scheduling appointments and bookings at their convenient time. The benefits of having a scheduler chatbot on your website are as follows.

  • 24*7 availability of chatbot is very convenient for consumers and economical for Businesses.
  • Rule-based scheduler chatbots are configurable and managed well by Businesses.
  • Personalized interactions and follow up’s of chatbot make the customer experience overwhelming.
  • Maximize the reach of potential customers and reduce your spending to create operational efficiencies.



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