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Technologies for Loyalty Points: NFC or QR?

Compare NFC vs QR

Over the last five years, in particular, people utilized other forms of payment to perform transactions. With the evolution of technology, money and payments have changed drastically. Current credit card processing technology and advanced business solutions make financial transactions possible at almost any time and virtually any place.

These are two genuinely new technologies that are going toe to toe for control of your mobile wallet: Quick Response Codes(QRC) and Near Field Communication(NFC). Near Field Communication and QR codes are there for individuals who need time-saving. It is impossible not to compare these promising technologies.

What is NFC?

NFC is a short-range remote technology that enables simple and secure communication between electronic devices. It might be used in combination or on its own with other remote technologies, such as Bluetooth.

The worldwide Near Field Communication(NFC) market is expected to achieve USD 47.43 billion by 2024, according to a new report. The emergence of the mobile wallet services has allowed users to pay for services through cashless payment(debit/credit card) or through mobile devices, which have further enhanced NFC market growth.


For example, you could transfer large files between two devices, such as a laptop and a desktop, simply by touching the two together.


The driving factors of NFC Market are as follows:

Contact-less(debit/credit card) payments

Increasing access to smartphones

Security of data & Convenient Transfer

What is QR Code?

QR codes are scanned by the camera in your smartphone, and they can be shown at a register or printed on a receipt. Scanning this code enables people to complete a transaction, and a phone can likewise display one of these codes and allow a customer to receive information about someone’s credit or debit card. This technology can work on either Android or IOS platforms.

“The market is colossal and it is still growing,” said Wei Shen, deputy director of the research institute that specializes in QR codes. He evaluates that more than $1.65 trillion of transactions used the codes a year ago, representing about a third of all mobile payments in China.


The most advanced method for using QR codes offers technology “QR Pal”. It enables users to pay for goods with their PayPal accounts. Also, QR Pal developers guarantee that users will have the capacity to link their debit/credit cards for QR payments.

Most tech specialists believe that smartphones with NFC technology will exceed expectations credit cards by 2020. On the other hand, nowadays the majority of people already have smartphones with cameras and have access to free QR scanning programs.

Comparison of NFC vs QR:




Security Risk

Security Risks – must know about malicious sites with viruses, theft of personal data and relay attacks.Security Risks – always look at the address you are directed to


Used Strong PasswordNo need of Password


NFC chip pre-installed (Android)Require Software Installed


Scan on demandNeed to open the app for scan
Scan on the flyNeeds good camera + focus

Code Scan

Universal NFC tag codecNot all QR codes are the same

It is hard to say which technology is better because all have its pros & cons. Almost all Fortune 500 companies are using NFC and QR Codes in a way or another in automation of inventory management, transactions and lot many use cases.

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