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How Personal Assistant Tracks Your Searched Information?

How google track your every personal information

Since last decade it’s been a war between all personal assistant development companies to become top companies of the world like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby. A study conducted by comScore, by the year 2020, voices search count will be reached to 200 Billion per month.

On the very first instance, it sounds very cool tech because the device performs an action on what you speak to it and get your job done. But trust me it’s not that great technology when you allowed these companies to use your data and sell it in the open market.

These voice assistant companies failed to mention is our willingness to exchange privacy for convenience didn’t start with the arrival of virtual assistance. It started in the early 2000s when people started sharing their personal data to Google in return for having access to Google products and seeing more relevant ads.

google's online empire

Let’s pick just one company who is growing fast and most of the people are using its voice assistance most on almost every device they use on daily basis either it is a mobile device, tablet, computer, car or smartwatch. It’s Google. When you search anything on Google, your searched topic travels to the data center, 1000 computers attempt to retrieve results and send them back to you. The whole process happens in just a ¼ of a second.

For as long as you’ve been using Search Tools, they have been building a “citizenship profile” on you.

After you have access to Google to access your information, here is the checklist of everything which Google has already taken from you –

  • Age of person
  • Income of person
  • Gender of searching person
  • Parental status
  • Relationship status
  • Browsing history (long-term and short-term)
  • A device is used for searching purpose (phone, tablet, desktop, TV)
  • The physical location of a person
  • Time (of the day) of your Google usage
  • Languages you can speak
  • Exact words you enter in Voice search
  • Products we buy
  • Products we have almost bought
  • Wi-Fi types used by a user
  • Proximity to a cell tower
  • App installation history
  • Amount of time you spend on certain apps
  • Your operating system
  • Contents of our email
  • The time we spend on certain websites
  • Whether you’re moving (e.g., walking or on a train)

If you want to opt out from this world of sharing your personal details with the Ecosystem of Google, then follow below steps to opt out from all of them.

  • Manage Google Voice & Audio Activity
  • Control your search activity
  • Manage your location history
  • Every image you’ve ever shared

Taking users private data has never been encouraged by any of the company lately in 5 years. Every government is trying to restrict these big heads of the industry from stealing every user’s information and draw a boundary for each user’s privacy.

Rethink if you are ok with sharing your personal information to these voice search engines or not. If you need any help regarding how to stop sharing your private details, feel free to contact me for the same at We are a mobile application, web and software development company. Please feel free to contact me for any of your software requirement if you have any.

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