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How marketers are using iBeacon

marketers using iBeacon

Earlier Traditional marketing used to be through a banner with offers, email campaigns, aids in the newspaper any many more. But it’s not accurate to analyze the customer behavior their like, dislike. But with the evolution of Beacon technology, it is dignified to change the way clients interact with brands, more helpful to business growth and transforming the way retail marketers measure the offline impact of online ads.

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Android device pulls more than 40 billion queries for beacon related content from Google service every year.


For a retail marketer, beacons can give benefit in a world where consumers expect to get what they want when they want it.

Beacon has many advantages like:

  • Cost-effective
  • Real-Time result
  • Location-based service
  • CRM

How It’s work?

when the signal from a Beacon reaches a phone, it triggers specific actions, like location-based notifications, in that phone’s mobile apps. That sends the geographic information, a unique id to the mobile application within the range. A unique ID is different for every beacon. It contains the information about beacon vendor, location [Store].

Benefits of Beacon

iBeacon works as an indoor positioning system, that enables organizations to promote their presence to close-by cell phones. With iBeacon set up, organizations can send messages to potential clients, (for example, Special offers or goods) when they walk past an iBeacon.

For Retail Marketers beacon is a becoming more and more popular. Beacon provides the help to the marketers to get more traffic to that store, increase conversation rates and sales volume.

Steve jobs well said, “Get closer than ever to your customer so close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves”.

There is the simple strategy that you know customer more you can target them accordingly like their in-app behavior, location and many more.

For this purpose, you can place a beacon at the entrance, lobby, restaurant and checkout area etc.

In-store beacon triggers the customer and sends the push notification like Welcome messages, free coffee offers and reminders to use the rewards card are some examples of the campaigns they delivered in order to achieve a new level of customer engagement.


Beacons can emit BLE signals for up to 5 years and have very little cost (a few dollars each).

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