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Facebook offer Free Bluetooth Beacons to Businesses


Facebook is launching a new product for small to medium businesses that marketers must know. Interested business owners can request a free Facebook Bluetooth beacon from the company.

Facebook introduces the place tips that gives the tips at the top of the news feed for a Facebook user when they enter a business or landmark. It’s unique to the user, mixing friends, recommendations, upcoming events at the location and post from the Facebook page.

It assembles other data, for example, check-ins from your Facebook friends, posts from the page, upcoming occasions, friends’ suggestions, photos, and review. While you are in the business area it gives this data need priority over the rest of your feed.

With the beacon activated, anyone who opens Facebook on their smartphone, with both Bluetooth and location services on, will immediately see “Place Tips” about your business.

These tips can include things like:

  • News about your upcoming events
  • Your business reviews
  • Your page’s posts, promotions, and special offers

Facebook Bluetooth Beacon

The idea is that beacons — small devices that can send a signal to a person’s smartphone when they get within a certain proximity — can be used to push information and deals to people while they’re in a prime position to make a purchase.

The Facebook beacon can be a great mode to develop your organization’s Facebook presence, advance unique offers and occasions, and energize audits and registration.

What’s more, simply imagine, with such a minimum required investment, the ROI of this reference point could be exceptional. Give it a shot – what do you need to lose?

Google chrome itself receive the notification message from a beacon. This means they will continue to improve as more capabilities are invented and developed. We have expertise with configuring beacons with Eddystone Technology.

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