Be descriptive among millions of apps in the store.

In this era of all-pervasive technology, where a human being spends his 4 hours of time in stores looking for application which can reduce his workload and so mobile phones are included as essential requirement in daily routine. There are thousands of popular consumer mobile applications on leading mobile platform stores, while emerging and evolving innovative hardware capabilities providing the platforms for the next generation of apps.

Applications are being designed, implemented and targeted for mobile and wearable devices. But now it’s time to include something disruptive and creative ways to make us noticeable within these 4 hours.

There are many popular consumer and enterprise app stores with incredible user bases. It’s hard to get your mobile app noticed among 3 million others out in the marketplace. The mobile ecosystem is so saturated and volatile that it’s easy to get lost determining the most suitable marketing methods for mobile app promotion.

Start marketing your app long before its launch date.

Your marketing efforts start the moment you begin working on your app. This concept will serve as the foundation for your app marketing efforts.

Engage potential customers, users, and other interested people early and often.

Twitter is a good tool to make initial contact because it’s filled with tech-savvy early adopters and influencers where we can identify the most important people in your industry as well as the industry content important enough to tweet and share.

Email Importance

Email marketing is powerful, but possibly more importantly it appeals to a broader audience.


If you already have a site or blog that’s designed to deliver value over time, it should also be leveraged to engage with potential app users via relevant and interesting owned content during the course of an app launch and beyond via burst campaigns.

Focusing on these kinds of items won’t guarantee your app’s success, but they will give you a better chance of becoming the next big thing in the app stores.

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