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Apple to reach $1 Trillion under Cook Leadership

Apple hits $1 trillion

A company founded 42 years ago by its visionary co-founder Steve Jobs in a Santa Clara Valley garage to make personal computers, is the now the first publicly traded US company to hit a $1 trillion market capitalization this Thursday. With this historical valuation, Apple beats its closet market-cap competitor Amazon in the race, who was speculating to reach first with a worth of $879 billion is second in value.

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, Apple faced the crisis, investors worried that the company couldn’t thrive without his intense, product designs. Apple was worth approx. $350 billion when Jobs died, there Cook take the charges and under his leadership, the iPhone has been persistently popular around the world, reaching over 1.4 billion units sold and with the launch of Apple Watch has made the biggest watchmaker in the world by revenue, according to research firm Asymco.

Apple hits $1 trillion

Jobs always looked for what customers want, and Cook makes sure it got to the customers as proficiently as possible. Tim Cook is an ideal example of sticking to what you believe in rather than listening to the masses,” says Munster.

Tech tycoons caw often Changing the world” but this is what it actually means. It is what Apple cumulated earlier in 1997 ad campaign featuring the famous Crazy Ones” ad to Think Different”.

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