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A small part to homeless peoples in this chilling winter


Society is an integral part of our existence and each team – member of OneClick recognizes this and try to contribute to the welfare of the society.

We encourage everyone to create a positive change for the Society and be a part of our initiative of ‘doing a good deed’. This thought is interwoven with our core business value.

As a part of this thought, this December, we collected monetary donations from employees (voluntary) to create funds for donating blankets. Needless to mention everyone generously contributed for this noble cause.

The chilling winter is here and while most of us sleep in our cozy blankets there are many homeless who sleep on the roadsides without any blanket. They almost freeze in the night and the sad part is that there are many children and elderly who face this climate harshness in the worst way. Donations of the blanket can make a great difference to underprivileged people and can help them to stay warm.

With this thought, On Monday night, after our office hours, our team – members, went around Ahmedabad slum areas, streets and distributed blankets to needy. We distributed 130 blankets. There is no exaggeration of this number because the need is much higher.

With hope and commitment that next time we will double this number of blankets and will try to reach more underprivileged. We will soon come back with some interesting details of our next good deed.




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