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7 Biggest Advantages of Kotlin over Java

Kotlin development

Before we start creating an app in kotlin, we need to know What is Kotlin language and why we use this language to build Android Application.

What is Kotlin Language?

Kotlin created at JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, in 2010 and It has been open source since 2012.

Kotlin is statically typed PRAGMATIC programming language for the JVM and ANDROID. It is an open source language. Mainly it is focused on safety, clarity, ability to exchange and use the information and it is provide tooling support.

So thing is that we people always think that trying to some alternate options is might create some issues. Now, here are some of the best answers to your questions:

What is the “PROBLEM” with Java?

I should say, “Its age”.

I mean to say, Java was released 23 years ago. Therefore, it has been piling up legacy baggage that’s now dragging it down, it’s every new version of Java has to be compatible with the lower version.

In short, competing with newer, lighter, more concise, expressive programming languages turns into an unfair challenge for Java.

But still, Java’s still the official programming language for Android development.

Introducing Kotlin: The Newer Language Running on Java Virtual Machines

Currently, if Java is a go-to programming language for each and every Android matter,

then here is Kotlin too, it is the “one-stop language” for all kind of application development.

Kotlin’s development team provides some of the advantages of kotlin over Java.

Kotlin is:

    • Efficient and presents a familiar development tooling to boost developers’ productivity.
    • A very good compiler.
    • Kotlin’s compatible with all Java frameworks and libraries, and as well as it’s designed to integrate easily with Marven and Gradle build systems.
    • Provides an enhanced run-time performance.

Since it’s completely able to exchange and make use of information with Java and designed to run on the JVM, you can use Kotlin anywhere that you’d normally use Java.

I will give you some reasons why kotlin is better than Java.

The 7 Biggest Advantages of Kotlin Over Java

    1. It’s Completely Interoperable With Java
    2. It’s More Concise Than Java
    3. Safer Code
    4. It Comes With a Smarter and Safer Compiler
    5. It’s Easier to Maintain
    6. It’s Been Created to Boost Your Productivity
    7. It Has Null in Its Type System

So, this is all about what is Kotlin and its advantages to create Your android app in Kotlin. Now we talking about how to work on it so please keep connected with us for the next Kotlin blog.

Wants to learn more about Kotlin? We are providing a more blog on this topic very soon. Please feel free to contact us for any of your queries.

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