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3 ways to renovate your home into a “smart home”

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In our ever-changing hi-technology world it seems like everyone is turning to “smart” technology. From the phone and tablet you carry in your pocket to controlling your home’s heating and air conditioning while away on vacation on a tropical beach, smart technology is everywhere.

Smart technology is a way of connecting your home through innovative technology to control and give homeowners an “on-demand” access to various systems throughout your home. From video, data, telephone, wireless, security, climate, lighting and other home lifestyle factors that affect you and your family’s daily life. Smart home technology can help your home run more efficiently while also helping family members live in total comfort while at home or away, here are 3 simple ways to enjoy the innovation in your home.

  1. Smart Video Doorbell

Ever wish that you had the ability to see through walls or doors? You can with the help of smart video doorbell which allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

With many other features like

  • Live to stream
  • Motion detection
  • Different angle of view
  • 2-way talk 


  1. Smart Alarms for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

There’s nothing more critical than having a working smoke detector in your home. Its loud, piercing alarm should wake you if there’s smoke or fire, so you and your loved ones can safely escape, or put out the fire. Smart smoke detectors go a step further, as they can send an alert to your smartphone if they sense something amiss. That way, if you’re at work, or out of town, you can call the fire department or a neighbor check on your house, to see if everything is OK. Another benefit of a smart smoke detector is that you can temporarily silence the alarm from your smartphone — so there’s no more trying to jab the Silence button with a broomstick after you set it off while cooking a steak.

  1. Control your washing machine via your smartphone

Samsung has recently unveiled their Quick Drive Washer. This compact little washing machine can connect your phone letting you check its progress and even schedule wash cycles.

It also lets you add extra clothes during the wash cycle without turning it off. This little machine could become the norm soon.

Control your washing machine via your smart phone

The beauty behind a smart home is the incorporation of products that somehow all work together as one efficient machine. The seamlessness of operation doesn’t happen by accident, however. It requires a substantial amount of coordination and cooperation among the manufacturers of each component that comprises a complete system. Lights need to be able to talk to security systems, which also need to talk to thermostats, which communicate with motorized draperies, which trigger A/V equipment, and so on. For any such kind of idea which can bring impact to the smart home system please free to contact us at


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