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3 Marketing Ways with Beacons which Marketers Need to Know

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Beacon technology has been generating buzz since Apple introduced Bluetooth beacons to the market in 2013. BLE beacons are increasing at a great rate, with beacon hardware shipments predicted to top 400 Million units in 2020, while breaking the U.S. $1 Billion in revenue.

However, even with a good number of consumers have opted in to receive beacon-enabled notifications, sometimes it can be challenging to think of creative and conversion focused iBeacon campaigns to run.

If you too are just getting started with your beacon experimental, check out below tips which will be helpful to create a campaign

1) Send Proximity Based Offers and Coupons Through Push Notification When a Customer Detects Within the Beacon Range

Beacons have the potential to take customer engagement to a different level altogether. Appropriate information gives customers access to rich product information such as videos at the right time. The information is specific to where they are in a store.

This technology can be transformational for retailers allowing them to understand customer behavior and catering to their information needs accordingly.


To effect beacons most effectively for customer engagement:

  • Send valuable, relevant messages through push notifications
  • Beacon-triggered messages based on individual app preferences and behaviors
  • Track responses to those messages as additional signals about users’ interests and preferences for ongoing segmentation

2) Loyalty Programs

Beacons provide an easy way to do away with traditional loyalty cards, loyalty stamps, and coupons. All loyalty related information and points can be saved directly on customers smartphones (on the brand’s app) and updated when customers receive new points.

Even in the case of collecting loyalty stamps, beacons help simplify the process. A customer in the range of the beacon will automatically be awarded loyalty stamps directly on his/her smartphone.

loyalty Program

A best practice which can be leveraged for implementing Beacon-based loyalty programs

  • Send indeed targeted content and promotions: Beacons can also track the time a user spends in the store as per which retailers can design the loyalty programs based on the customers thus intensifying the probability of purchases as well.
  • Gather customer data
  • Reminders of loyalty point the customer has while billing counters which will be appreciated by customers.
  • Feedback: Beacon-based loyalty programs also create opportunities to collect customer feedback instantaneously.

3) Offers with Pick-Up Service

when it comes to creating memorable shopping experiences, nothing is more than connecting the digital and real world. This is where beacon technology plays a vital role.

Pickup Service

It allows consumers to place an order from the comforts of a home, avoid shipping costs, and get their item in minutes without looking through the store.

However, even then, many a time consumers have to queue behind other shoppers when they arrive in-store. With beacons, brands can now use geofencing to keep a customer’s order ready just before they arrive when they opt for in-store pickup.

Beacons are increasingly becoming a part of our daily environment. Businesses are adopting beacon-based solutions worldwide as these solutions are cost-effective and highly promising. It would be interesting to see how beacon use-cases evolve in the time to come.

If you are planning a beacon test, let’s schedule a demo with the latest beacon, that includes everything you need to get started. Using latest beacon, you can set up your own campaign, without having a developer support!

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