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5 Best Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners in 2024

Overview of Programming Languages

Even with the pandemic, the last year has been a blessed one for the IT industry. OneClick continued to be a popular choice as the top website and mobile app development company in the USA and other parts of the world. As a round-up of our projects and inquiries, we decided to compile a list of the best programming languages in 2024 that were most requested by our clients.

The IT field is probably the fastest-changing one. This sector is punctuated by the continuous arrival of new technologies, frameworks, and software with permanent updates which have consequences on programming languages. Each year, these evolve according to the demand of the IT market and their popularity among developers. New job opportunities and training needs are emerging.

Here are the 5 Best Programming Languages for Beginners

1. Python, the Essential


Whether it is for beginners or experienced developers, knowledge of the Python language is essential. With its intuitive and easy-to-learn syntax, it is ideal for getting started with programming. But it is also a very versatile programming language used for the back-end, mobile applications, or in the field of data science.

According to the RedMonk ranking, in 2020, Python for the first time outclassed Java to become the most popular programming language. Its use has grown by over 18% over the past 5 years.

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Python is a highly sought-after language for its compatibility with cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies as well as with deep learning. It contains many packages and frameworks like “PyTorch” which help developers to create and integrate machine learning models.

So there is no doubt that the demand to hire Python developers will increase further with the rise of AI and machine learning.

2. JavaScript, the Eternal First


In the ranking of the list of best programming languages, many appear and then disappear quickly, except one, which stays constant; it is JavaScript. It has indeed been ranked among the best languages ​​for several years.

According to a StackOverflow survey, it also remains the most popular language among developers and is regularly used by large companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

If it is above all a dynamic front-end-oriented language, front-end developers can harness its power to build engaging and interactive user interfaces for web applications. Additionally, JavaScript also has many platforms and libraries for programming mobile applications, games, or even for back-end development. Among the most famous are React and Node.js. With such an ecosystem, Javascript should largely retain its place on the list of best programming languages of 2024.

3. Java, the Resistant


Many times, Java has experienced a loss of popularity in the programming field, primarily because of its notoriously difficult learning. Yet when we look at statistics, language remains one of the most widely used every year.

In 2020, there were almost 8 million JAVA developers across the world. In the RedMonk report, it ranks 3rd just after JavaScript and Python.

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Its major advantage is its famous principle of “Write Once Run Anywhere” which allows Java code to be executed on other platforms without recompiling. It is also widely used with the Android operating system, web, mobile, and desktop applications, and scientific programs.

Its popularity as the best programming language for web development also comes from its Spring and Hibernate frameworks and its powerful features such as:

  • Multithreading, that is to say, the ability to simultaneously execute several sub-parts of a code while optimizing the consumption of available resources,
  • Automatic memory allocation within particular the “garbage collector” (or garbage collector) which frees the memory of unused objects without the developer needing to explicitly program it.

The arrival of JDK 16 in March 2021 with its “elastic memory allocator” which restores unused memory more quickly should once again boost the popularity of the language.

Although it is one of the oldest and most widely used programming languages, it is still in great demand by large groups like Adobe, Amazon, and Twitter. In 2024, skills in Java will therefore be in great demand and a source of many opportunities for developers.

4. C#, C, and C++ Supported by the Gaming Industry

C Languages

C#, C, and C++ are three different programming languages. However, their evolutions and ranks among popular programming languages ​​are very similar and supported by one main sector: the gaming industry.

C# and C++ are the languages ​​used in Unity, the popular cross-platform game engine. According to a study by Unity Technologies, developers mastering C#, C++, and C are highly sought after for the development of video games, a field in constant growth.

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C# is also designed and maintained by Microsoft primarily for its .Net framework. It offers many features appreciated by developers such as structured syntax, fast compilation, updates, and high scalability.

In 2024, the popularity development in C#, C, and C++ will therefore remain very significant.

5. React Native, The Challenger


The growth of data science and machine learning favors the ranking of the programming language React Native. It is widely used by data miners and data scientists for the creation of statistical models and the development of automatic learning algorithms. It is also very interesting in the economic and industrial sector because it offers:

  • Open-source libraries for statistics and data science,
  • A wide range of thematic packages covering varied areas,
  • Great interactive visualization and reporting tools.

Again, with the growing demand for data science and AI experts, mastering React Native will be an asset in the offshore development market.

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To Conclude

In the constantly innovating sector of IT, knowledge of historical languages ​​, therefore, remains an advantage for developers. However, languages ​​also evolve with updates, the creation of new features, and the emergence of popular frameworks. Technology watch and trend monitoring are essential to remaining competitive.

Do you plan to develop projects in any of these popular languages in 2024? If yes, let’s connect and we’ll help you find which framework is best suited to build your website and app.

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