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Potluck Paradise at OneClick


The regular lunchtime at the office may get boring and a regular affair. Very often we look for an alternative place for lunchtime to get over the routine. Therefore to break the monotonous routine of lunchtime. The Event Management Fun Gang organized a Pot-luck lunch at our office – OneClick. It was organized on a Saturday, as Saturday is a perfect time to have a fun time. Hurrah!! It’s a weekend!!

Potluck Stalls

The event was well-planned and well-executed. Each counter had the variety of dishes and none of the dishes was a repetition. After a quick introduction of each stall – which included dishes served, chef names, prize, complimentary services etc the counters were open for ‘sell’. Each team had decorated their food counter with lots of creativity. The office was filled with the aroma of yummy – yummy food.

Portluck winner

The techie developer in a chef cap and apron looked very cool. It was a pleasure to enjoy delicious- food cooked by each team. The menu included everything from starters to desserts/shakes!! Day and night these developers serve quality code but on Saturday they served quality food!! I was truly surprised to see the hidden talent of each team members. For the entire day, the interaction was beyond work. Each one of us was discussing food!!

I over-ate, (I think most of us over-ate!!). Somewhere I followed the thumb rule of not regretting it later. I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that” therefore tried each dish.

It was an excellent experience to connect with all the employees over food.

I am glad to add that – there was a fund-raising idea attached to this event. It was already planned that each penny earned will be used for purchasing essential winter wear for the needy. This simple fundraising idea made the event more meaningful and complete.

Social Work

Everything we did to make this event a success will be adding a big difference to our fund-raising efforts!!

Eagerly waiting for the next event. This one added lots of fun and yummy flavor to our Office event and I am sure next – one will be as exciting as this one.

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