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How do we use queue in Laravel

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=>When we are sending multiple emails in laravel at one time, it takes a lot of time. This time-consuming process disturbs the user experience.=>For this problem we have one solution in laravel, which is called “Queue”. Queue place the task in sequential order and perform them one by one.

=>In case of sending multiple emails at one time Queue store the tasks in queue table and execute it one by one after some time (whenever we want).

In Depth…

The =>Queue config file is stored in config/queue.php, where you can find different connection configurations related to queue.

Example: How do we sending an email with a queue?

1) For sending an email we need to do below configuration in our .env file:

sending email with queue

2) Create a controller:

php artisan make:controller EmailController

=>In this controller create a method which is having an email address in the request.

Public function sendEmail(Request $request)


/* This method will call SendEmailJob Job*/

dispatch(new SendEmailJob($request));


1) Create Job classes for Queue

=>For using queue we need to create Jobs, which defines the task to be done in the queue after later time.

=>By default, all Job classes are created in App/Jobs folder. For creating job classes run below command in terminal.

php artisan make: job SendEmailJob

=>This command creates a file in App/Jobs folder, which looks like:

send email job

2) Set a queue driver:

Drivers are stored pending queues temporarily. We will use the database driver as of now. To create a driver we need to run below command:

php artisan queue:table

php artisan migrate

=>We need to define our driver type in a .env file like this:

QUEUE_DRIVER = database

3) Define the queue’s task in Job class:

=>In SendEmailJob class we need to define our task in handle() method like:

public function handle()


$data = $this->details;

Mail::send([‘html’=>’demo_email_template’], $data, function($message) use ($data)


$message->to(‘receiver@gmail.com’, ‘John’)

->subject(‘This is test Queue.’);




4) In the end, you need to listen to the queue to do the queue jobs.

=> php artisan queue:listen

If you want to make this process automated then create a Scheduler and run this command in a particular time. So you don’t need to type this command every time.

=>You can see your pending jobs in jobs table also.

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