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3D Printing Industry Revolution

since the 1920 technology has involved a lot, now a day’s 3D printer is available for all who has $200 or more. you just need to know how to use it and have the patience throughout the process. you can make pretty much anything with it, the model with ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), silver, titanium, steel, wax, photopolymers, and polycarbonate. People make jewelry, toys, pots, gun, guitar, fabrics anything pretty much you can think of. It’s a great tool for creative people and adventure programmers.

1. You can print very expensive pieces. Modern 3D printer can manufacture every tiny heroic items or very big construction pieces as well. Depending on the material you used printed object has more value. 3D printed ironman costume can be sold for over $35000. 3D printer is also use for creating props for movies.

2. All airplane will soon have 3D printed parts. We all know that planes are full metal flying objects, more airplanes are now comprised of 3D printed objects which is made by use of titanium. Which saves manufacturing cost up to $300000 per plane. The entire airline industry benefits big time from 3D printing.

3. Swedish luxury sports car Koenigsegg has 3D printed component on the car. If you don’t know Koenigsegg is almost 20 years old sports car manufacturing company which manufacture limited numbers of car per year with customization. They only make around 15 car per year.

4. The world of medicine will benefit the most out of this technology.

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Next on the 3D printing list is human. So far medical 3D printing can do following tissue, drugs, bones, heart, synthetic skin and organs. As you can imagine this breakthrough printed supplies are currently being tested on animals.

5. It’s a $7 billion dollars industry and growing.

6. Guns can be printed by 3d Printers.

7. Fashion is already on board with 3D printing. Fashion adopt 3D printing in early stage and achieved grate success. Many brand are already selling 3D

printed garment and jewelry items.

8. The most expensive 3D printer costs $2.5 million and more. it’s mostly used in construction.

9. 3D printing might be the answer to plastic waste.

10. There are 3D printed coral reefs in Maldives. Now a days global warming is the biggest problem our planet is facing. coral reefs are viral to marine life and for human they protect us from violence storm.

11. Chocolate industry also fascinated by this new 3D revolution.

4D printing will be the upcoming buzzword.

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