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What is Galileo GDS?


Galileo GDS, owned by Travelport, is a cornerstone in the travel industry, offering an extensive computer reservations system (CRS). Consider it as the behind-the-scenes power connecting travelers with airline seats, train compartments, cruise cabins, car rentals, and cozy hotel rooms. Back in 2000, Galileo had a significant slice of the pie, handling 26.4% of global CRS airline bookings.

Airline Reservations

Beyond Airline Reservations

While its bread and butter are airline reservations, Galileo's reach extends far beyond. It's utilized for booking train travel, cruises, car rentals, and hotel stays, making it a versatile tool for travel agents. Here’s a historical context to understand the journey of Galileo.
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    Origins as Apollo

    Initially launched in 1971 by United Airlines, named Apollo, serving as their in-house booking system. By 1976, Apollo systems were installed in travel agent offices, capturing a significant market share.

  • 2

    Transition to Galileo

    To address antitrust concerns, United spun off Apollo into Covia in 1992. That year, Covia acquired and merged with Galileo, a system developed by a European airline consortium, and continued under the Galileo name.

  • 3

    Acquisition by Travelport

    Travelport acquired Galileo and Worldspan in 2007, combining their strengths while maintaining them as separate systems.

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    Operational Shifts

    In 2008, Galileo’s operations were moved to the Worldspan data center in Atlanta, Georgia, sharing facilities but running independently.

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    Regulatory and Association Memberships

    Complies with Capps II and Secure Flight programs for passenger risk assessment. Member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), OpenTravel Alliance, and SITA.