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Build your DevOps approach: improve the productivity of your teams and the quality of your code.

Developing a DevOps managed services culture increases the agility of your solution and creates significant margins for innovation. By measuring with relevant metrics at the infrastructure and application level, we provide additional support to this DevOps monitoring solutions process. It's a complex process that requires input from many different areas of your organization but our DevOps consulting services can help you make it happen.


Overview of DevOps Consulting Services

At OneClick, we believe that the best way to transform your business is to hire a consultant who knows your industry, your challenges, and your goals. What cannot be measured cannot be improved. That is why it is very important for us to define suitable measuring points with our customer.

We know that for the successful implementation of DevOps consulting services, good communication is necessary. That is why we strive to contribute to a mutual understanding of the different requirements and working methods in development and operation. It is only from this common understanding that project-appropriate tool chains can emerge and that processes that meet the requirements of both parties can be established.

Our DevOps consulting services approach is based on our development, architecture and consulting services on modern and mastered technologies for your business applications. We support you in the DevOps implementation process within your company, in order to accelerate the time to market of your projects.


About DevOps Consulting Services

New tools often call for new processes, a new working methodology. Well versed in the functioning of modern collaborative organizations, OneClick is a leading DevOps consulting company. Our team offers you the benefit of its expertise in leading the change implied by new technical and organizational challenges when embarking on a DevOps consulting and implementation process.

We understand the scope of your DevOps managed services project, and identify with you the technical challenges. By taking advantage of the strengths of the various Cloud providers, our experts produce a prototype within a controlled timeframe and cost. Finally, together we create a realistic backlog to transform this experience into a production solution.

OneClick DevOps experts bridge the gap between development and operation in your business. Our goal is to develop, in close collaboration with your teams, DevOps consulting services as perfectly adapted as possible until the delivery of the application and its integration into a deployment pipeline.

The supervision of your infrastructure has become the most precious aid to enable you to anticipate new needs, to detect malfunctions and to prevent them. One of the major issues of DevOps implementation process is understanding the constant and ad hoc needs of your tools. OneClick, as a DevOps consulting services provider, ensures the deployment and configuration of these tools and offers to support you in the correct interpretation of the data collected.


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What We Offer For DevOps Consulting Services?

Continuous Integration

OneClick hosts your code repositories, administers them and keeps them running smoothly so that your developers can focus only on your project. As a DevOps service provider, we support you in the use of these tools and the implementation of a methodology to make them more efficient.

Easy Automation

Speed ​​up your automation processes, make them more robust and efficient by using a suitable cloud solution allowing more reliability, fewer errors and a shorter time to market.

Cloud Infrastructure

We offer you a wide range of services for the implementation of your infrastructure and the definition of your DevOps monitoring solutions. With an automated environment, we offer Cloud management to help you better access and utilize the data and improve workload management.

DevOps Consulting And Managed Services

We offer you our expertise via a wide range of services for the implementation of your infrastructure and the definition of your DevOps approach to managing the cloud infrastructure and taking ownership of the project until deployment.

IT Orchestration

We provide complete automation integration, coordination and control covering the entire infrastructure hierarchy through intelligent orchestration tools.

DevOps Change Management

We help your core team ensure a fully integrated operation of the distribution pipeline automation cycle and adapt your automated deployment cycle to changes.


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DevOps Consulting Services Process

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    Creating DevOps Implementation Roadmap
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    Setting Up
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    Testing & Deployment
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Why Choose OneClick As A Best DevOps Consulting Services?

Agile Methodology

We are able to make continuous versions to give you total visibility of your DevOps consulting services project as it progresses. Our collaborative approach will give you the opportunity to have feedback at the end of each sprint.


Working in test environments means that we can guarantee efficient and stable constructions throughout development. Once an application is launched, we follow it closely thanks to our integrated analyzes in order to maintain and improve the product as and when subsequent phases.

Experience across industries

We have extensive experience working with agencies, SMEs and companies, and brands around the world. We have expertise across the entire mobile ecosystem, having worked with many leading players in the mobile, media, business, charity, and agency sectors.

Experts in all mobile technologies

We have a team of developers specializing in the entire spectrum of DevOps solutions and services. From native solutions to multi-platform solutions and web technologies, including server-side development.

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