Application Migration Services

application migration services

Looking for top-tier application migration services? Dive into risk-free, zero data loss, and cost-optimized solutions with OneClick. Whether your setup is on-premises, hybrid, or cloud, we've got you covered. Benefit from our expertise in refactoring, modernizing, upgrading, and scaling - tailored just for your needs!

application migration services
about upgrading your application

Ever Thought About Upgrading Your Application Environment?

Legacy systems are like aging appliances – they’ve served you well over the years, but might consume more energy and lack the efficient features of newer models. Similarly, legacy environments might be familiar but they harbor security risks, downtimes, and performance lags that can directly impact your bottom line. Transitioning to a more sophisticated platform can be the game-changer your business needs. And that's where OneClick steps in. Beyond just migration, we offer you a partnership, ensuring every facet of the application migration process is handled with expertise. From delving into your application's intricacies to ensuring compliance with the latest security protocols, we've got you covered.


Our Application Migration Services

ERP Solutions
ERP Migration Solutions
Unsatisfied with your current ERP system? Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) transition services are designed to enhance your business management structure. We seamlessly integrate your business applications and CRM software into a unified, automated centralized architecture, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual workflows.
Mobile Application Development
Application Refactoring
Are your legacy applications holding you back from reaching your full potential? With our application refactoring solutions, we'll optimize your software for enhanced performance, scalability, and maintainability. Whether it's transitioning to microservices architecture, updating your user interface, or reengineering your database structure, we ensure a seamless transformation for your software migration process.
Proactive System Monitoring
Operating System Upgrade
At OneClick, we excel in upgrading your application's environment, seamlessly transferring data and settings from your existing or legacy operating system. Our application migration plan enhances compatibility, bolsters security, and ensures minimal downtime, ultimately boosting performance and maintaining steady business operations.
Cutting-Edge Code Quality
Enhanced Code Migration
Our enhanced code migration services feature a spectrum of modernization initiatives, including PHP enhancement, open source software rejuvenation, and RHEL/Linux to CentOS transition. By introducing heightened adaptability, we tackle the formidable task of code migration, augmenting your application's functionalities, speed, security, and overall performance.
Database Migration
Leveraging top-tier application migration tools and robust database integrations, we facilitate a smooth data transition from various sources to a revamped database destination. Our methodical application migration strategy encompasses application assessment for cloud migration, database schema conversion, data migration, rigorous functionality testing, and performance stability verification.
Cross platform Compatibility
Platform Migration
With extensive expertise, we excel at transferring workloads between diverse cloud platforms and transitioning from on-premises to the cloud. We provide comprehensive training and resource support after the transition. Platform Migration covers coding, frameworks, backend applications, databases, and beyond. We adapt our strategies to fulfill specific business requirements and bridge technology gaps.
CMS Migration
At OneClick, our specialists have a wealth of experience in CMS migrations, covering platforms such as HubSpot, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Our CMS migration services are known for enhancing website features, speed, and functionality. We also guide you in selecting the most suitable CMS based on factors like ease of use, portability, extensions, addons, and design.
Scalable IT Infrastructure Management
IT Infrastructure Migration
The era of legacy applications is fading fast, making room for progress. Our legacy software migration plan encompasses testing, maintenance, and rigorous quality assurance. We seamlessly migrate your application to the cloud, leveraging a precise assessment and an infrastructure automation strategy that drives profitability and elevates productivity.
Cloud Application Migration
At OneClick, we offer efficient app migration to cloud services that guarantee speed, reliability, and affordability. No matter your current position in the cloud journey, leave the complexities of data storage and security in our capable hands. Our cloud application migration experts manage the deployment with finesse, ensuring minimal disruptions, whether it's data, applications, workloads, software licenses, or legacy infrastructure.