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React Native is transforming the entire mobile application development industry bringing in speed and efficiencies. Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, and many more such services are developed using React Native.

Impressed by the many advantages offered by the use of this framework, OneClick specializes in React Native Mobile App development for IOS and Android. From startups to large companies, if you plan to embark on a new mobile project, React Native will prove to be a smart choice.

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As a React Native Development Solutions Provider, this Framework has allowed us to accelerate the development of your mobile applications. Our mobile developers also rely on their great modularity. It allows you to guarantee the maintenance of your application code and its ability to evolve according to the needs of your mobile user.

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Businesses have understood that for their product to be well received by all of their audiences, it must be on both iOS and Android. However, creating the same application for the two platforms requires designing and developing the same thing for two different platforms.

This is where React Native comes in. React Native is a cross-platform framework designed by Facebook to give developers the ability to create applications for iOS and Android without having to develop a specific user interface and UX for each platform. This framework is open source and transposes the concepts of web development to mobile development. Although the development language for these applications is JavaScript, the result is impressive and works as a real native application.

React Native helps create cross-platform mobile applications. Using React Native, you can use the same code for deploying your app on iOS and Android. With just one code written, React Native means half the cost of construction and maintenance and requires only one team of developers. Based on our experience in Native mobile app development, we estimate that you can save at least 30% compared to native development. The exact savings depend on the number and complexity of the features of your project.

As a leading React Native App Development Company, we have positioned ourselves on React Native for the development of mobile applications that can be used on smartphones and tablets.

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What We Offer?

React Native Services and Offerings

Full Cycle Product Development

We transform ideas into reality. From design and development to submission of the app to the store, we offer comprehensive React Native App development services across industries.

Custom React Native Apps Development

Being one of the best React Native app development company in India, we offer highly scalable, intuitive, and advanced native mobile app development services to clients from different domains and industries.

Hire React Native Developers

For all your offshore and outsourcing requirements, we have a team of experienced and expert React Native app developers fitted for your project. Innovative ideas and consistent communication are their forte.

React Native App Development Process

  • 1

    Requirement analysis

  • 2

    User interface design

  • 3

    Application development

  • 4

    Testing & Deployment

  • 5

    Maintenance and support

Technology Stack

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