How much would it cost to build an AR application?

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Requirement Gathering?

Your requirement documentation should include as many details as possible. Try to provide developers with all details about your product vision, its high-level features, any external dependencies. It’s also good to provide some photos, sketches or wireframes to illustrate their own requirements.

Documentation cost for AR app development: $320-$1000, and it takes 16-40 hours rates at $20 per hour to provide a prototype, whereas to build a complete application it can run in several thousand dollars.

Note: If you don’t have your AR app requirement documentation ready it’s very difficult to make accurate estimation of the cost to develop your augmented reality app.

The planning stage includes communication between a Business Analysis team (R&D) and Client. They will solve all queries and discuss every important detail. This phase also includes:

  • Creating a development plan, allocating roles to the team and the task of each person
  • Setting timelines, deadlines and milestones for each sprint
  • Making detailed estimations of each sprint.

AR development project estimate cost: We provide adequate time for coming up with a plan of execution, as planning is an important milestone of every application, it can take 5-30% of the time frame of the project, which inadvertently depends on project size and complexity. It’s obvious, large and complex projects take more time to estimate, so it is likely to cost more. Also, the cost to estimate a project similar to the existing application available in the market is easy.

Features of the Application

Along with augmented reality development, such apps require some additional common features :

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Trending AR app features

here are so many common features that may be added to the AR app. The important feature of AR applications is the augmented reality itself. There are 4 types of common types of AR apps available in the market.

Estimation of the augmented reality app cost

This phase includes writing the development of code architecture and creating application design. Both processes are closely related and interdependent on each other. So the main parts of each of them are:


  • Design architecture
  • 3rd party APIs integration
  • Setup and basic controls
  • Data storage
  • Encryption/Description
  • Scalability

The average time is 400-800 hours based on project complexity. So if suppose company charge you $20 per hour then it may cost you $8000-$16000.


  • Mockup creation
  • 3D graphics models
  • UI/UX design
  • Visual design
  • Animations

The average time is 200-300 hours. So if suppose company charge you $20 per hour then it may cost you $4000-$6000.

Of course, all the above costs are averaged and the duration of the development listed are only approximations. And the length of each part is highly depended on each and every individual augmented reality application. It may cost you less than average sometimes, or go far beyond.

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