How much it will cost to build an application like Eventbrite?

Almost every brand wants to engage its customers through an event because it gives a delighted customer experience and brings out amazing results like customer loyalty, business retention, potential business opportunity, global awareness and much more.

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About the Event Management

Technology innovations of event management industry

Technology Innovations has transformed the event management industry and it is getting smarter with additions like:

  • chatbot


    Chatbots to assist finding an event and booking it.
  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence to help users find events based on their likes and browsing data.
  • data-mining

    Data mining

    Data mining techniques to find potential attendees for an event and much more.
Event Management

Top Event Management Platforms

Here is our favorite list of Eventbrite competitors from all the event planning tools available in the market:

Event Management

Features of Event Management Platform

A good event management platform helps to make this whole live experience process a cakewalk. Event applications should cover an event from soup to nuts.
Let’s look at some basic features a complete event management solution needs to have.
Need of Event Management Application

Why do we need an event management application?

What's important for

Technology Stack

front end (website and mobile apps)
Angular js angular js
Ios & android ios & android
Flutter flutter
Css 3 css 3
React js react js
Organiser Portal (backend)
nodejs node js
php php
.net core .net core
my sql my sql
postgress postgress
mongodb mongodb
Eventbrite Application

What makes Eventbrite so special?

As per Eventbrite they had 795K event creators in 2018, this shows how much they are chosen. Here are few amazing features that make it super cool and including all or some of these will make your event app a robust one.

The development cost of the application largely depends on the features of the website and mobile application. To build an event management application like Eventbrite cost will vary from $5000 to $20000.

  • 1. Automated reminders.
  • 2. Host private events.
  • 3. Bar-code scanning.
  • 4. Free platform for free events.
  • 5. Marketing and promotional tools.
  • 6. Provide additional instructions to attendees about the event.
  • 1. Private events.
  • 2. Automated reminders.
  • 3. Ticket Bar-code scanning.
  • 4. Easy refunds.
  • 5. Chat or contact feature with organisers.
  • 6. Check-in feature from both mobile and web applications.
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OneClick Technologies develops event management platforms for Business with various Business models i.e. Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C) and Business to Business to Customers (B2B2C).

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Our team is having over ten years of experience in diversified domains like Travel, IoT, health care, etc. and has developed and managed portals with millions of customers. We are one of the experienced event application development company who can develop all the web and mobile applications related to the event industry. Please contact [email protected] and talk to our team to build a competitive application for your event system specification.