How much it will cost to build an app like UberEATS or Swiggy?

A Zomato or UberEats is only as good as the next revolutionary App. Will it be yours?

Online food delivery is set to achieve the $200 billion mark by 2025. Also, Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery segment has a volume of $4,934 million, making it the largest in the food industry in 2020. With the rise in mobile usage, online ordering across industries including food will see incremental growth. The market has limited players and tapping it at the right time will offer a competitive edge to restaurants and food business alike.

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Why Bear the Cost of Developing a Food Delivery App?

Because not investing right now will mean that you are missing out on a profitable business opportunity.

  • 60% restaurant owners agree that offering home delivery has led to a spike in sales.
  • 31% customers say they use online food delivery apps at least twice a week.
  • 57% millennials prefer food delivery solutions so that they can enjoy at home.

Applications are being launched currently with hygienic food ordering, healthy food ordering, advanced food ordering, etc in the market and making everyone’s life easier with it. If you are planning to start your business and ready to invest your money, Food service mobile application offers better ROI.

If you wonder what is the cost for developing a food delivery service app like Swiggy or UberEats, the answer lies in its features enlisted here

  • search-for-restaurants

    Easy search for restaurant

  • extensive-menu-search

    Extensive menu to search through

  • quick3steps

    Quick 3 step ordering

  • secured-payments

    Secured payment methods

  • special-offer

    Exclusive special offers

  • multiple-address

    Multiple addresses to quickly choose a location

  • track-your-order

    Track your order and get updates

  • reward-points

    Reward points for ordering delivery from the App

Features of Online Food Delivery Applications

The cost of the application largely depends on the features on the website and mobile application. It is also based on whether it is for a stand-alone restaurant or an aggregator. If you are a restaurant owner and want to develop a food delivery application for a restaurant, the cost will be lesser. However, if you want an app like Zomato, UberEats, Foodpanda, Eat24 or the likes, the cost will be different. Speaking in broader terms, the cost to build an online food delivery app will vary from $10,000 to $35,000.

Sell it like an ecstatic food experience.

How Does A Food Ordering Application Work?

Top Ordering Applications

Various food ordering applications like UberEats:

  • Deliveroo
  • doordash
  • eat24
  • foodpanda
  • swiggy
  • Ubereats-logo
Is The Cost Of The Food Ordering App Turning You Down?

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