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How much it will cost to build an app like Employee Management App?

200 million companies exist around the globe. This number is rapidly increasing with thousands of new business conceptualizing on a daily basis. 1.6 billion employees currently performing their duties in respective organizations, which is 20% of the total population on earth. Management of all the employees for these companies would be a really difficult for them rather than managing their services and activities related to business.

Employee Management Application or HRMS system are the solutions that eases the daily tasks and activities for these companies and help them to grow Exponentially.

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Key characteristics of EMS

EMS helps organizations of all sizes to manage their resources in the right way and make everyone follow a uniform process. HRMS or EMS must be used by every organization in their own way to organize tasks for themselves. Key Characteristics of EMS are listed below.

  • employee_leave_management

    Employee leave management

    Employee can apply for leave, provide reason and admin will approve/reject it.
  • taskallocation_trackingmanagement

    Task allocation and tracking management

    Assign the task to each employee as per their role and track their status completed/pending.
  • taskallocation_reminder

    Important task allocation & reminder

    Get task assigned to employee and send them push notification on mobile phone.
  • bimatrix_integration

    Biometric integration to track employee tracking

    Check when employee comes and what time they leave
  • rewardprogramsforemployee

    Rewards programs for employee

    Get extra activities done and provide rewards points for same to encourage them to do more.
  • expensetracker

    Expense tracker

    Any expenses paid for company related activity and get repaid to you.
  • asset_management

    Asset management for organization

    Manage all the assent of the company form one system.
  • project_management

    Project Management

    Manage multiple projects for company and keep track of them.
Top EMS App

Various EMS applications in industry

Employee Management System

How does an Employee Management System work?


Features of the Application

The cost of the application largely depends on the features on the website and mobile application and how quickly they will be able to place their order through application. So, in order to build a Employee Management Application application like OC Holiday Tracker cost will vary from $25,000 to $40,000.

What's important for

Technology Stack

front end (website and mobile apps)
Angular js angular js
Ios & android ios & android
Flutter flutter
Css 3 css 3
React js react js
Employee Management System(backend)
nodejs node js
php php
.net core .net core
my sql my sql
postgress postgress
mongodb mongodb
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About Team

10 years

Our Team is having over 10 years of Experience in EMS Domain and have worked with various technologies and have developed and managed portals with many of employees.

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We are one of the Top Employee Management Software Development Company who have the ability to develop all the web and mobile application related to Employee, kindly contact [email protected] and talk to our team to build a better application for your Management Business.

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