How much it will cost to build a Chatbot Application?

The key to a successful online business is impeccable customer service. And chatbots are not just a solution but a revolution in this field. In the last 5 years, chatbots have successfully replaced email and phone calls on many popular websites such as BBC News, Mastercard, Spotify, The Wall Street Journal, Pizza Hut, HP, Whole Foods and more.

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Cost of Developing a Chatbot Application

It goes without saying that the main factor influencing the final price is the work done to develop a product. The development process is usually divided into several phases. Having a general idea of the phases of the project is important to understand the factors entering the budget of a chatbot. The following roadmap has proven to be appropriate for the development of efficient chatbots and these steps will allow you to get an idea how much does a chatbot cost.

  • stream of messages

    Manage Incoming stream of Messages

    Backend development for managing incoming stream of messages
  • shorting data

    Sorting and Indexing

    Sorting and indexing data
  • ux work


    Establishment of personas for UX work
  • Seamless integration

    Seamless Integration

    Seamless integration of modules with each channel
  • seam less integration

    API Integration

    Using readymade APIs to integrate Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • chatbot control panel

    Control Panel

    Control Panel
  • integration of chatbot

    Chatbot Integration

    Integration of chatbots with your system
  • launch of the chatbot

    Launch Chatbot

    Launch of the chatbot on the chosen platforms
  • tracking chatbot


    Tracking chatbots

Why integrate a chatbot to your website?

How many users have stopped trading with a brand precisely because of a bad customer experience? Most people have also suffered the endless wait to be put in touch with an advisor or representative who will solve your problem. Chatbots can prove to be an effective solution to overcome this kind of annoyance and to avoid losing customers.

Adding a chatbot to your site makes it possible to offer online assistance available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, while avoiding users having to wait too long to reach a customer service or sales representative.

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Chatbot creation

A chatbot is nothing more than a computer program capable of interacting with Internet users and answering their questions. Before starting to create your bot, it is essential to clearly define your strategy and objectives before launching this project.
According to the objectives, it will be necessary to make a choice between the various chatbots existing today on the market namely:

Technology Stack

front end (website and mobile apps)
  • HTML 5 HTML 5
  • Angular js angular js
  • Ios & android ios & android
  • Flutter flutter
  • Css 3 css 3
  • React js react js
backend (website and mobile apps)
  • nodejs node js
  • php php
  • .net core .net core
  • my sql my sql
  • postgress postgress
  • mongodb mongodb

So, How Much does a Chatbot Application Cost?

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