How Much Cost to Develop a Video Streaming Application like Netflix

In 2020, an online movie and video streaming application is the most used video viewing mode on the internet. The main feature of this TV show type of application is that users can watch their favourite series, including sports matches, live on their smartphones.

It is for these obvious reasons that video streaming apps have become very popular with all demographic and age groups.

In this area, Netflix is a pioneer but competition exists. There are around fifty widely used online movie and tv show streaming apps today. All companies, without exception in this category, recorded a turnover growth of almost 50% per year.

Which may also make you want to create a video streaming application like Netflix! Isn’t it?

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What Determines the Cost To Develop an Entertainment Platform Like Netflix?

The development of a video streaming application is an ambitious project which naturally requires a significant investment. So how much does it cost to develop a video streaming app like Netflix? In reality, the price will depend on many factors: the quality of the application, its UX design, the back-end and its functionality.

Streaming video applications require a large development infrastructure and fairly heavy data flow support. These characteristics will have very important consequences on the cost to develop a video streaming app like Netflix.

Obviously, the more features your application has, the more it will cost. When you make your first specifications, it is interesting to integrate only the essential functionalities. You can add more features later.

Web application environment also needs to be considered. there are fundamental differences between a process of developing a video streaming application on Android and on iOS. The cost of developing an application on an Android environment is always more expensive than on iOS. Simply because Android involves many more devices, screen sizes and configurations.

  • video-call

    Live Video Streaming

    For events, live concerts or other important announcements
  • face-filters


    To enable paid versions of content on the video streaming app
  • connect-webcam

    Social Media Integration

    helps you share your videos from all social media platforms
  • host-webinar

    Video Sharing

    to make the experience more rewarding

Features of Video Streaming App

You can monetize your own video streaming app development

How Video Streaming Applications like Netflix work?

Is the cost of the video streaming app turning you down?

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