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As a leading Dot Net development services company, OneClick IT Solutions is at the forefront of innovation in Microsoft technologies and also offers its expertise on new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Cognitive services, and more. Engage your customers and prospects with new interactive and immersive processes!

To better understand all the technical issues of an application, OneClick is also interested in other technologies such as Angular and React.

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Excellent knowledge of all development technologies allows us to improve your application, bring agility to your processes, and understand the challenges of the cloud. We carry out your projects within the framework of an n-tier architecture, in order to best meet the maintenance and development requirements of modern information systems.

Being one of the best .NET web development company, we support you in all of your development projects ranging from custom software, website development, and cross-platform mobile application. Develop your .NET application in our service center or expand your team of .NET developers in technical support with our offshore .NET development services.

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ASP.Net is the web technology of reference for developing robust web applications and websites on the Dot Net platform. It is designed to allow runtime components, APIs, compilers, and languages ​​to scale rapidly while providing a stable and compatible platform for running applications. ASP.NET Core offers a variety of lifecycle management options for your applications to meet their needs. You can choose between a long-term support version or use the latest version.

OneClick IT Solutions, your application development company, supports clients on ambitious projects while relying on a know-how in software distributed worldwide. The dual approach of specialized services and software editions combined with a strong focus on software quality makes us special.

We make it a point of honor that ASP.NET developments are designed, written, and implemented according to the rules of the art. Due to our size and our management, we cultivate a strong team spirit, very varied profiles (.NET, .NET Core, Angular, Scrum, DevOps, Azure) and a real partner relationship. Our teams of development specialists will create and support you in the deployment and maintenance of your ASP.Net MVC or WebForms projects.

Due to our long experience as an ASP.Net web and application development company, OneClick is able to offer you the design and development of your applications for a fixed price for optimal control of the projects.

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Our Dot Net Development Services

Dot Net App Services and Offerings

ASP.Net Enterprise Development

As a custom dot net development company, we help you streamline processes with our CRM and expertise in B2B and B2C as well as cross-functional app development. Our services include MVC solutions, SharePoint & Dynamics 365 Development.

CMS Solutions

To achieve maximum customer engagement for our clients, we incorporate CMS tools during platform integration. Thus, the experience is distributed across marketplaces, platforms, portals, and other channels.

ASP.Net Migration

Whether it is app transformation, modernizing the code, or .NET migration, as an expert ASP.Net web development company, we ensure to keep the process smooth and seamless. We offer updates and upgrades, legacy app modernization, and application migration to dot net.

Hire Dot Net Developers

We have a team of efficient dot net developers who have expertise and experience in building robust, cutting-edge, and scalable apps. You can procure their services on a project or hourly basis to fulfill your business requirements.

ASP.NET Application Development Process

  • 1

    Requirement analysis

  • 2

    User interface design

  • 3

    Application development

  • 4

    Testing & Deployment

  • 5

    Maintenance and support

Technology Stack

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