Doctor On Demand Healthcare App Development

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Doctor On Demand Healthcare mobile app development is one of the most flexible, time-saving, and convenient substitutes that make use of your cellphone internet connection to connect you with hundreds of doctors and book an office visit or a house call appointment within few taps. The app is quite user-friendly, and you can book your appointment with easy steps.

All you need to do is sign up in the patient app, choose your doctor near your area, select your time slot, and confirm your appointment. The app also facilitates a patient to communicate with the doctor, along with finding neighborhood pharmacy lookup. The payment made to the doctors is highly secured and is proceeded after the appointment completion. Ratings are also given to doctors based on their treatment.

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About Doctor On Demand Healthcare App Development

One of the biggest complaints from patients is getting medical advice when they most need it and many patients have mobility problems which prevents them from visiting their doctors when they need help. Video conferencing solutions specially developed for doctors and patients removes the barrier created by distance. One such client requirement was to develop a video conferencing app for patients and doctors that would not only connect them but also help them to Book & pay for appointments, take prescriptions, save patient health history and more.

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