Doctor On Demand Healthcare Mobile Application

Doctor On Demand Healthcare mobile application is one of the most flexible, time-saving, and convenient substitutes that make use of your cellphone internet connection to connect you with hundreds of doctors and book an office visit or a house call appointment within few taps. The app is quite user-friendly, and you can book your appointment with easy steps.

All you need to do is sign up in the patient app, choose your doctor near your area, select your time slot, and confirm your appointment. The app also facilitates a patient to communicate with the doctor, along with finding neighborhood pharmacy lookup. The payment made to the doctors is highly secured and is proceeded after the appointment completion. Ratings are also given to doctors based on their treatment.

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About Doctor On Demand Healthcare Solution

One of the biggest complaints from patients is getting medical advice when they most need it and many patients have mobility problems which prevents them from visiting their doctors when they need help. Video conferencing solutions specially developed for doctors and patients removes the barrier created by distance.

One such client requirement was to develop a video conferencing for patients and doctors that would not only connect them but also help them to Book & pay for appointments, take prescriptions, save patient health history and more.

Features of Dr. On Demand Healthcare Application

Patient App

Patient Registration

Search doctors and schedule an appointment


Get consulted through video/audio calls with doctors


View history of your consultations

Doctor App

Doctor Registration & background check


Set availability to receive appointments


View patient appointments & start consultations

View Payments received through consultations

Challenges While Developing Doctor On Demand Mobile App

The challenges faced during the project development were related to time constraint and technical implementation of some features but with the help of our seniors we managed to overcome them. The client also wanted the product to comply with the GDPR and HIPAA policies for data protection. We created a website, App (Android + iOS) and a super admin panel complying the data protection policies that would only store encrypted data into our database. We believe there is a solution for all problems and our team works with this mindset. Video conferencing platforms are one of our forte and hence with experience our team finds a solution to every hitch.

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Why Doctor On-Demand Apps are Getting Popular

  • Our Solution
    Web Solution
  • Our Solution
    App Solution

Doctor Panel:

  • Doctor Registration & Login

  • Profile approval : Set Availability & Charges

  • See list of consultations , View patient profile & medical history

  • Start sessions

  • Medical form fill up for patients

  • Conduct conference - Audio/Video

  • View upcoming & completed payments

  • Timely notifications & Warnings

Patient Panel

  • Patient Registration

  • Search doctors based on their speciality

  • View doctor full profile, Choose a slot, Pay and Book appointment

  • Medical form fill up

  • Emergency contact in case of queries

  • Reschedule appointment

  • Give rating and review to doctors

Super admin panel:

  • Dashboard for analytics

  • Doctors management & Background check

  • Patients management

  • Admin user management

  • Appointments records

  • Payments to doctors

  • Set commissions & VAT

  • Create Specialities & Category

Using Technologies for Develop Doctor On-Demand App

Tech Stack
App- Advanced Java(android) & Swift (iOS)
Tech Stack
Website- HTML, CSS, JS
Tech Stack
Database- MySQL
Tech Stack
Web server- Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Tech Stack
Admin Panel- PHP

User Interface of Doctor On Demand Healthcare App

User interface design
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How did Doctor On Demand App solution helps to Client?


With constant feedback and updates from the client we completed the project development. We developed the product into phases but we covered most of the features in the first phase that were the part of next phases. Our developed product helped the client in receiving many appointments and doctor registrations. We made a long term engagement with the client and enhanced the product based on customer feedback.

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