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Gain better and organized control with Car rental booking management system software that is easy and quick to implement. With a custom rental car booking system, you can increase the efficiency of your booking and management process, control the fleet and expenses associated with it, and generate detailed reports.

On a B2B level, an online booking system for car rental connects you with other travel businesses and agents who offer only flight or hotel bookings. It also optimizes transactions with affiliates to boost your business. With the centralization of the entire operations and sales teams on a single car rental booking software, you gain maximum control over daily operations to meet long term goals.

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At OneClick, we have nearly a decade of experience in travel portal development and have created successful vehicle rental management and booking system across the globe.

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Introduction - Car Rental Booking Engine Development

Currently, 30% of online reservations are already made on mobile devices. It is, therefore, necessary to invest in an online booking system for car rental. To add a step further, you will need mobile apps on Google Play and AppStore for higher visibility of your car rental business.

Add more services to your customers in the form of loyalty points, driver ratings, e-bills, car arrival notification, car booking trackers, and even options like carpooling. A customized rental car booking system provides you real-time information about contracts of drivers, size of the fleet, maintenance requirements, trips and returns, reservations and cancellations, and more. With this information, most travel businesses can save time and operate their fleet in an organized manner to yield better profits.

Investing in a car rental reservation and management system allows businesses to coordinate the entire business from a single platform. Administrative, operational, sales, and customer service can all be regulated and improved through data and reports generated from the tool.

With the user at the center of the design, OneClick focuses on impeccable UX and UI. We also offer guidance in the submission of your apps to Google and Apple stores. Our digital marketing team also helps you boost sales through campaigns and online strategies. With a flexible and scalable rental car booking system software, businesses can add new features or resize them to suit the business needs.

White label or Customized Car Rental Booking Engine Solution?

We develop car rental software for all your needs

Features of Car Rental Management System

Rental Car Booking System Development Process

  • 1

    Requirement analysis

  • 2

    User interface design

  • 3

    Application development

  • 4

    Testing & Deployment

  • 5

    Maintenance and support

Technology Stack

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Do you want to be supported in the integration of an online car rental sotware?

We can help you with development solutions.

FAQs of Car Rental Booking Engine

The choice of app development depends on your target audience. While it is ideal to have apps on both platforms, it also involves additional costs and development time. You can choose to opt for cross-platform app development solutions as it reuses the code to develop apps on both platforms.

Yes. You can set your own rates in your car rental booking engine. The app and website offer flexibility for hourly, daily and monthly rates. You can also provide several discounts and offers for promotion.

Yes. We can choose to integrate a multi-lingual option during the development of the car rental platform. You can choose as many languages as you like.

We ensure complete privacy of your customer data. You will be the sole owner of it.

A payment gateway is one of the key features of a car rental booking engine. We offer several options for the same. You can pick and select the payment integration based on your preference and we will add it to the list.

Different Industries we serve

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Travel Industry
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Industrial workers

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Why Choose Us?

  • Agile Methodology

    We are able to make continuous versions to give you total visibility of your Car rental reservation system project as it progresses. Our collaborative approach will give you the opportunity to have feedback at the end of each sprint.

  • Stability

    Working in test environments means that we can guarantee efficient and stable constructions throughout development. Once an application is launched, we follow it closely thanks to our integrated analyzes in order to maintain and improve the product as and when subsequent phases.

  • Experience across industries

    We have extensive experience working with agencies, SMEs and companies, and brands around the world. We have expertise across the entire mobile ecosystem, having worked with many leading players in the mobile, media, business, charity, and agency sectors.

  • Experts in all mobile technologies

    We have a team of developers specializing in the entire spectrum of vehicle rental management and booking system. From native solutions to multi-platform solutions and web technologies, including server-side development.

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