Blutooth Low Energy (BLE) Apps

At OneClick we have always been future-focused by adapting to new technologies and emerging trends. It has been no unlike with wearable device app development or more recently the location technologies leading to Bluetooth low energy devices and apps. Today we are one of the most sought after firms for wearable device application development and BLE development.

Common Features

Eddystone Proximity Marketing

Android App broadcast your marketing campaign on Bluetooth enabled mobile phones

Fitness Tracking

Measure Steps, Heartrate, Glucometer, Sleep tracker, BPM, SpO2, Distance, Fall detectore and synchronize same information on mobile application

Location Tracking

Connect BLE hardware device to your precious items and track their location so you never forget or lost them anywhere

Indoor Tracking

With help of Beacons and Hub track down user's/asset's location and take actions accordingly. Get alrts if tracker leaves location from actual location

Loyalty Points

Give & Redeem loyalty points of your loyal members seemlessly with the help of BLE devices placed inside store near the payment counter

Parking with BLE

Each parking garage opens automatically once the car with BLE device in it comes in the range of door

Eddygram App

Get people off the sidewalk into your store. Eddygram ground-breaking technology help businesses attract nearby clients with notifications to their Android Phones. People are always checking their notifications, be sure the next time they check they see yours at the right time and place when they are near your store (within 100 meters).

  • Configure Device
  • Create campaign
  • Send notification offers to customers
  • Set Schedule for campaign
Find App

Want to track kids in a crowded environment? Want to ensure your pets do not go far away? FIND your keys easily early in the morning? Can't remember where you kept your handbag? Track if your bags made it to your flight? Or find your luggage easily on the luggage belt after a flight? Avoid forgetting your phone in a restaurant? The FIND by SenseGiz can solve all your problems !

  • Search Devices
  • Connect with devices
  • See How much near is my device using Rssi
  • See last location of my device
Safr App

What would you do if you were in an emergency situation such as a fall/crash or a medical emergency? Do you want to get inactivity alerts when you are sitting at a desk and not meeting fitness goals? Do you want to know how well you slept last night? Control your phone without touching it? Know who is calling you without taking your phone out?

  • Set goal
  • Track Total Steps, Distance, Calories burn
  • Track sleep analysis with graph
  • Set Contact number for Crash fall and panic
  • Set alert timing for crash fall and panic
  • Set ringtone for particular alerts
Game Changer App

Coaches have been trying to figure out better ways to communicate with platyer on the field for decades. Some have the player run over to them, some use hand signals/signs and some uses pictograms on poster boards. Introducing the Prowess GameChanger! Now you can use your phone, tablet or surface device to communicate plays to your players.

  • Used Adafruit Feather 32U4 Bluefruit LE Hardware device
  • App connects with 11 devices with 1 mobile app (iPhone/iPad, Android/Tablet, Windows PC/Surface)
  • Send signals from mobile app to aa 11 devices together
  • Device vibrates and blinks according to button pressed on app
  • Device connects/Disconnects automatically with app once they come and go out of range of mobile bluetooth
IAC (Indoor Access Control) - POC

A mobile application for the people who are working in a production plant where authorized person only needs an access to certain area. Based on users position door can be opened or closed. Log will be maintained for all the entries and exists through out the day.

  • Used 4 LighBlue Bean BLE Hardware and assebmbled them on each side of 2 doors for the production house
  • Based on the RSSI value received from 2 Bean BLE hardware used the best value to decide the position of the user
  • As the value changes from Bean 1 to Bean 2 or vice-a-versa, application will decide wheather user is walking in or stepping out of the door
  • Each day log will be maintained for the user as well for admin
  • Admin can grant access of door from admin panel and access log of every person
Komodotech AIO Sleeve

KomodoTec AIO Sleeve device is used to measure your heart rate, steps & fitness analysis. With the help of AIO Sleeve measure your health and fitness data.

  • Worked on Custom hardware device and get all the data sent to mobile application with Bluetooth low energy
  • Application tracks all the activity in background and whenever app is opened, it syncs all the data with it
  • Used Biomarker called heart rate variability to measure heart rate
  • Health score can give information such as recorvery status, stress level, reaction to food, body's reaction to alcohol/drugs
  • Helps you to give report of True BPM, Steps counter, Workout intensity, Distance travelled, etc.
Smart Reward

The Smart Rewards App powered with iBeacon, Proximity and Bluetooth technology you'll never miss a deal again at your favorite places. Ditch clipping coupons, searching online for coupon codes, stop trying to keep track of paper or plastic loyalty cards, gone are the days of the old mobile loyalty cards, no more scanning QR codes, texting to receive offer

  • Used minewtech beacons to send the notification to nearby users with help of BLE
  • Application scans automatically nearby and in-store deals
  • Earn loyalty points at check out without searching for loyalty card
  • New age of coupons and loyalt rewards for the users
  • Simply shop, save, earn points and go for a seamless and enjoyable loyalty experience