Baby Learning App


OneClick Baby Learning App is a fun and free educational app for young children. The app contains charts, games, quizzes, music, and rewards to give amazing learning experience to kids ages two to six.


About Baby Learning App

App has different categories like Alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes and there are more to come soon. Children can learn a language, math, problem-solving skills, and motor development.
One of the biggest challenges that parents are facing these days is it to limit or give quality screen time to their kids. Considering this current difficulty OneClick came up with a kid's friendly educational app.
Solution for us was to keep kids engaged and aid learning together that’s why after a good research on kid’s learning way and behavior we designed this app to be simple yet to be rich in graphics and fun to use.


  • Creative graphics and ease of use.
  • Alphabets learning with pronunciation.
  • Things/words starting with each alphabet.
  • Alphabet chart with animation and user interaction to learn each alphabet properly.
  • Numbers till 20.
  • Attractive objects to count and learn numbers.
  • Number chart with animation and user interaction to learn each alphabet properly.
  • Various shapes with real-life objects resembling those shapes.
  • Quiz to drag and drop matching objects in the correct shape.
  • Colors to learn with real-life pictures.
  • Game to fill the same color in objects as given in the sample image.
  • Appreciation animations to keep kids engage and motivated to learn.