B2B Travel Portal Development

From our expertise in B2B Travel Portal Development emerge unique solutions that go even further in optimizing your travel business. Our innovatively packaged B2B Travel Portal Development Solutions will guarantee you stay ahead of the competition and increase your sales with the rapid implementation of a multi-channel travel portal adapted to the industry.

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B2B Travel Portal Development

A B2B travel agent portal is designed specifically for business in the travel industry. This means that your clients are Businesses, which are travel agents, tour operators, local booking agents, and other agencies.

A B2B travel booking portal allows you to manage relationships with customers, distributors and partners through a single platform. Our Travel Portal allows your customers to manage their own accounts, bookings, members, Loyalty program’s and their commissions digitally on the platform.

A B2B Travel Agent portal is developed and provided on Web platform as well as Mobile Application. With growing usage of Mobile application across the globe, adoption of travel services on the go via mobile app while travelling is the best value added services for end consumers.

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travel portal development
  • B2B Travel Portal Development
  • B2C Travel Portal Development
  • Custome Travel Portal Development
  • White label Travel Portal Development
Travel Tech Mobile Application Development
  • iOS Travel Application
  • Android Travel Application
  • Crossplatform Travel Application
Travel API Integrations
  • Hotel API Integration
  • Flight API Integration
  • Car Rental API Integration
  • Activities API Integration
Online Booking Engine
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Flight Booking Engine
  • Car Rental Booking Engine
  • Activities Booking Engine
Innovative Travel Tech Solution
  • ChatBot for Travel Solution
  • BlockChain for Travel Solution
  • AI for Travel Solution
  • IoT for Travel Solution
Affiliated API Integration
  • Hotel Affiliate API Integration
  • Flight Affiliate API Integration
  • Car Rental Affiliate API Integration
  • Activities Affiliate API Integration
Payment Gateway
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Multiple clients

Your B2B travel agent portal acts as a platform for your partners as well as customers. Multiple Clients can be onboarded on the B2B travel portal and every client can have their own Customized Travel Portal. All users can book any travel services online. The system also offers you complete control to manage the booking of these multiple clients. The portal will also help you track the accounts of agents and commissions in each case.

Client Management

Client Management - Our B2B Travel agent portal gives us the feature of managing all our B2B clients on single platform. The complete life cycle of Onboarding Clients to maintaining daily/weekly/monthly reporting of the Searches, bookings, members are shared on the platform. Consolidated report of all clients add lot of value during monthly reviews.

Mark up Management

We help you segregate your partners based on the mark-ups defined by you. It is possible to segment your partners based on different markets and have a different mark-up for each market too. Our Mark up Management feature, thus, frees you from all the hassles and challenges associated with markups. Once the discounts and percentages are defined, they are applied automatically to relevant partners.

Payment Management

We offer multiple payment gateway integration which includes Paypal, SagePay, (need names of more gateways that we integrate). In case of B2B travel agent portals, you can also avail the credit distribution facility in order to offer credits to your agents. The payment gateways are secure and reliable and track all the transactions.

Reward and Loyalty programs

Building a loyalty program can be challenging, especially customizing it and integrating it with the tech stack. Our B2B booking portal accommodates all the requirements for flexible loyalty and reward programs. OneClick allows you to reach multiple customers at the same time for effective channel management.

Member Management

Members are the end mass users who would make the bookings on the Travel Portal. These members would be members of our clients. Travel portal would have features of registering and maintaining members on the Travel Portal. Loyalty program would be managed for all the members (Paid/free).

API’s for integration

APIs and GDS are an integral part of any B2B travel booking portal. Our expertise in efficiently integrating the plethora of APIs that are a part of a travel portal will help you access all the data with ease. The seamless API integration will be in sync with the other systems and help you deliver multiple inventories to your partners and agents.

Support on Bookings

One of the key features of any B2B travel agent portal is the management of bookings. We ensure the members are able to make seamless bookings on the platform, in case of problems, we provide Chat / Email and phone call support to our Travel portal Clients and Members.

Our Support services also provides, Technology upgrade, regular updates and also facilitate to make bookings for members.

Multiple clients
Client Management
Mark up Management
Payment Management
Reward and Loyalty programs
Member Management
API’s for integration
Support on Bookings

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