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Exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, has transformed various industries in terms of overhauling their operations, marketing, customer relations, and research methods. It allows the processing of data that has been accumulated over the years for an inference, thereby, resulting in more informed decisions in the future. An IDC study says 30% of the healthcare service providers are now using cognitive analytics for deriving actionable insights using the patient’s data. As per an Accenture analysis, the health Artificial Intelligence market is expected to witness a CAGR of 40% and reach $ 6.6 Billion by 2021.

While the healthcare industry has been a slow adopter of technology, it is now trying to breathe the ‘intelligence’ element in their systems in order to minimize instances of human errors. Several AI devices/sensors are actuated (with programs) to sense/detect, understand, infer, learn, and consequently act. This ability further enhances drug development, disease discovery, patient care, and synchronized patient care/treatments. Read More.

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